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  Bill/Rita 09/10/2015
Excellent service at a fair price
  Ray/Jane 09/05/2015
honest, fast and reliable
  Bill/Rita 08/13/2015
Fair price. Excellent service
  Linda 07/16/2015
Great work as always and I was called numerous times throughout the day to apprise me of the nature of repairs needed.
  Al/Karen 06/11/2015
  Chris 04/23/2015
  Joe/Janine 03/26/2015
Very happy as usual with the effort to get us in. The honesty and integrity of Jay and staff keeps us coming back.
  Alex 03/26/2015
I am extremely satisfied with my service experiences with Coppins. The service has been professional, quick and reasonably priced. I discovered an element to the service in dealing with Coppins that I have not felt with the many other service centers I have used over the years in various states and Canada, and that is trust. Thank you.
  Vicki 02/27/2015
  Bob 01/23/2015
as always...good work by a fine crew; with humor thrown in for good measure. The delay in completing the work in timely fashion was not of their fault as it was a matter of waiting for suppliers to deliver the tire that caused the delay...
  John 01/22/2015
Great service as always...
  Linda 01/08/2015
  Carol 01/02/2015
5's all the way across!!! Great value and outstanding service! Thank you for demonstrating what great customer service is all about.
  Pat 12/18/2014
  Marilyn 12/12/2014
  Bill/Rita 11/27/2014
Excellent service at an affordable price
  Linda 10/24/2014
Always wonderful, honest service.
  Joe/Jen 10/02/2014
They did a fast, complete and low cost job. They work with you and keep you informed about the repairs.
  Linda 09/19/2014
Always professional and courteous.
  Anne 09/18/2014
Friendly and professional service. Part was ordered, arrived and was installed very quickly.
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